Mission Statement


1948 Lake Sawyer

1948 Lake Sawyer

Mission: Lake Sawyer Grocery wants to provide the best service possible to our community and customers. We want to maintain a clean, friendly and easy experience for every customer who visits our store.

late 1960'sLake Sawyer

Late 1960’s Lake Sawyer

History: Originally built in the early 1940’s, Lake Sawyer Grocery has gone through several add-ons and remodels. The original structure is still part of the current building, minus the gas.

1961 Lake Sawyer

1961Lake Sawyer

The owners are Ted and Debbie Strand aned their son Andrew, whose family have owned it since 1977.

1948 Lake Sawyer

1958 Lake Sawyer

Vision: Lake Sawyer Grocery wants to be the best small grocery store in the Pacific Northwest